Perched High Above Downtown Grand Rapids


Pioneer Construction and Ericksons Crane were nice enough to invite GRNow up for a birds-eye view of construction going on the new 16-story apartment tower 601 Bond, in Monroe North in downtown Grand Rapids. The tip of the crane sits at a stomach-churning 280′ above the deck below.

Come along with us, if you can stomach it!


The halfway point, where you start to feel the crane swaying in the wind, and swaying with each load the operator picks up and sets down.

That’s right, we’re going up to the crows nest by the flag.


This is really fun being out on the boom when the crane rotates.


Chris Beckering of Pioneer Construction

Felt like shots were going to be fired between our crane and the Orion crane building the Warner Tower


Looking North at the Embassy Suites hotel construction site in Monroe North, another Pioneer project.

From the “crows nest.”



Photos by Jeff Hill of GRNow