GR{KNOW} | Pottery Lane To Renovate Aging Building on Wealthy Street


Photo via Pottery Lane

Pottery Lane is known as a shop where locals can get their hands dirty while creating unique pottery designs. New developments are underway as owner Kelly Kermode has announced plans to possibly purchase and renovate an aging building on Wealthy St. as a new location. 

The building Kermode is looking to buy is located at 710 Wealthy St SE. Kermode said she prefers the Wealthy St. location because she feels it is “more vibrant and has more foot traffic” as compared to her current location at 401 Hall St. SW. If Kermode were to purchase the new location, she would be in good company neighboring thriving businesses like Elk Brewing Company.

Photo of potential location | 710 Wealthy St. Se

At this point, the move is pending a property exemption certificate from the city of Grand Rapids. The certificate would reduce Kermode’s property taxes – an incentive aimed at promoting the redevelopment of vacant, outdated properties. The city is expected to hold a public hearing request later this month. If all goes well, Pottery Lane would move into the new location by June 2020. 

Pottery Lane serves its community as a great artistic space. Its efforts to renovate an old property is another reason why it is an asset to Grand Rapids. We wish the business the best in making this move happen.