Proposal to Build a Grocery Store in Eastown Awaits Approval


Proposed Grocery Store Development

As Grand Rapids continues to grow, unused spaces are being scouted for their potential to become a part of the thriving business community. To this end, Jacey Ehmann – president and founder of Grand Rapids’ Metric Structure – has purchased the property located at 1201 Wealthy St. SE {corner of Wealthy & Fuller} in hopes to build a grocery store.

Ehman has proposed to build a two story, 4300 square foot building on the location. The ground floor would serve as a retail space. While there is no specified use for the second floor, it is predicted that part of it will be used by the grocery store tenant.

Ehman’s proposal is currently being reviewed by the Grand Rapids Historic Preservation Commission. They have not made a formal decision on the project.

If Ehman gets the go ahead, construction will take six to eight months. The building will feature an art deco design that is in line with other properties on the corridor. It is predicted that the grocery store will be a much needed commodity filling a market gap at the location.

In the meantime, Ehman and other Grand Rapids residents will wait to find out if the project is approved. There is no estimated time on when the Commission will make a decision. Stay tuned to learn the progress of Ehman’s grocery store becoming a part of Grand Rapids’ business community.