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Photo courtesy of Raise A Glass Wine Tours by Sam Cooper Photography

Wine lovers in Grand Rapids will not want to miss out on the Raise a Glass Wine Tour. It is an upscale exclusive experience that gives guests the opportunity to have a taste or culture and conversation through wine and food. Find out why you will want to add a Raise a Glass Wine Tour to your local bucket list.

How Raise A Glass Began

Raise a Glass Wine Tours was founded by Grand Rapids resident Kris Mathis. Mathis became inspired while on a wine tour with his wife in Traverse City, MI. He immediately searched for a similar experience closer to home. 

When he found that Grand Rapids – the second largest city in Michigan with a variety of wine bars – did not offer wine tours, he set out on a mission to take a traditional concept and make it more urban and city focused. Mathis sought out local destinations that embodied the upscale wine tasting experience. Raise a Glass then debuted in May of 2019!

Photo courtesy of Raise A Glass Wine Tours by Sam Cooper Photography

What to Expect

Raise a Glass offers several options for wine tours in the Grand Rapids area. Public wine tours include dinner and brunch options and downtown walking tours. Private tours can be customized for bachelorette parties, birthday parties and corporate events. 

Each tour begins when guests are picked up in a luxury vehicle at various locations downtown (parking ramps and hotels). From there, they are taken to three West Michigan destinations where fine food and wine are served. Forty Acres Soul Kitchen, St. Julian’s Winery and House of Wine – Wine Bar and Retail Shop are a few of the tour stops that are made. All groups are led by Here to Serve Hospitality with the mission to make sure guests arrive at their destinations safely and that their experience is second to none. 

Once guests arrive at their destinations, they are greeted by a wine steward, sommelier or chef who will educate them on wine and culture. Guests will also enjoy a variety wine tastings, small dinner plates and desserts at each location. Raise a Glass sets itself a part by immersing its guests in a taste of culture. Each participating location provides 3-4 tasting pours, along with special food pairings that are not on the menu! By not allowing guests to choose pairings ahead of time, this allows for a truly unique experience while expanding taste palettes. However, they do make accommodations for dietary restrictions. 

Guests also receive gift cards and special discounts courtesy of each location experienced. As an added bonus, each guest will leave with a souvenir bottle of wine. 

Photo courtesy of Raise A Glass Wine Tours by Sam Cooper Photography

Our Mini Raise A Glass Wine Tour Highlights

Stop 1 | Forty Acres Soul Kitchen | All pairings feature African-American owned wines

  • First Course | Earl Stevens Tropiscato Wine with Jalapeño Vinaigrette Watermelon Salad
  • Second Course | McBride Sisters Chardonnay (the largest distributor of African American Wine in the World) with Salmon Chowder
  • Third Course | OPP {Other People’s Pinot} Love Drunk Rosè with Hot Chicken Sandwich, Grit Cake and Collard Greens

Stop 2 | St. Julian Winery (Rockford) and Flo’s Ristorante | Oldest Winery in Michigan

  • First Course | St. Julian Pinot Grigio with Bruchetta
  • Second Course | Michato with Spinach Artichoke Dip
  • Third Course | Port Barrel Wine with Breadsticks
  • Additional Tasting | Watermelon Cider

Stop 3 | House of Wine | Newest Addition to Raise A Glass Wine Tour

  • First Tasting | Canard Duchene Champagne
  • Second Tasting | Chateau De Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc
  • Third Tasting | Napa Valley Quilt Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Dessert | Cheesecake
Photo courtesy of Raise A Glass Wine Tours by Sam Cooper Photography

If you’re looking for a unique way to bond with friends and family while learning more about wine and culture, book your tour with Raise A Glass! Whether you are new to the wine community or already have an extensive knowledge of the industry, you will truly enjoy this experience.

To book your tour, visit Raise A Glass Wine Tours online. Choose what type of tour you desire, along with the date you are looking to go and you are all set. Gift cards can be purchased as well. 

Cheers to new experiences ahead with Raise A Glass Wine Tours! When you head out for your tour, let them know GRNOW sent you! Be sure to check out a mini highlight reel of our experience below!