Russo’s International Market: Wine & Pairings, Part One

According to the Wine Institute, 913 million gallons of wine were consumed in the United States in 2015, or roughly 3 gallons of wine consumed by each U.S. adult. Long story short: That’s a lot of wine.

Since we are drinking this much vino, we obviously need to have accompanying noshes. So, what are our choices?

Local wine distributor, Russo’s International Market, gathered eight people to taste six different pasta sauces with nine different wines. We’ll share the highlights, draw some conclusions and make some suggestions for your next meal.

We’ve split our findings up into three installments:

    • Introduction – Why do pairings matter?
    • White wine pairings
    • Red wine pairings

Watch our first installment below to see why wine and food pairings can either make-or-break your gathering. Stay tuned for our second installment featuring white wine pairings!