Six Hours In Uptown

Imagine…you have six hours with nothing to do but enjoy the Uptown Grand Rapids area. What would you do?

With the warm weather coming, walking around this area is a great way to spend the day. But, four thriving business districts including East Fulton, East Hills, Eastown and Wealthy St., a number of shops and restaurants and scenic views, it might be hard to cram everything you want to experience into six-hour period.

Well, here are a few ideas for Uptown exploration…

9:00 AM: I don’t know about you, but I love to start off the day with a great breakfast. How about a crepe from the Brown Butter Creperie Café? You can choose from their sweet selections or enjoy their hearty Mediterranean crepe. I hear they make a mean Belgian Waffle too! 

Brown Butter Creperie Café’s Lucky Leprechaun crepe

9:45 AM: While waiting for the shops to open, why not take a stroll to see the lovely turn of the century architecture of the historic homes that line the Uptown streets? Here you will find well preserved houses that were inhabited by a variety of West Michigan residents including Dutch immigrants and successful businessmen.


Meyer May House. This dazzling restoration of a 1909 Frank Lloyd Wright design provides the rare opportunity to experience a Prairie-style home just as Wright intended – complete with original furnishings.

10:30 AM: As the gates on the shops are starting to go up, why not see what’s new at City Antiques? This shop has new vintage antique items coming in every day. Choose from a selection of great gifts including goods, furniture, jewelry, photographs and more.

City Antiques – 954 Fulton Grand Rapids, MI 49503

11:00 AM: With an hour to kill before lunchtime, I bet a massage is sounding good right about now! Choose from a selection of massage options at GR Massage Life. Treat yourself to a therapeutic, deep tissue, prenatal or eco-fin massage performed by their staff of experts. As always, book an appointment to ensure a spot. 

Photo from Pexels

12:00 PM: It’s been an eventful morning and I’m sure you worked up quite an appetite! The Curry Kitchen is a great lunchtime destination. Whether you are familiar with a variety of Indian dishes, or opting for a more experimental approach, their all you can eat lunch buffet gives you a great opportunity to enjoy the many dishes of this flavorful cuisine. 

East healthy with their vegetarian options.

12:45 PM In today’s world, it’s all about recycling, conserving and saving money. The fashion industry is no exception. Buying and selling clothing on consignment is a great way to make and save money…and I love to do both! If you’re like me, you should check out the Rock Paper Scissors Consignment Boutique which sells stylish, gently used clothing at great prices.

1:30 PM: There’s nothing better than spending some time getting lost in a world of books. Argos Book Shop is Grand Rapids oldest and largest used book shop. With a huge selection of used and new books, you’re sure to find some of your favorites at great prices.

2:00 PM: The Metal Art Studio is a must see if you are in the Uptown area. With a selection of designers who create artistic jewelry pieces using fine metals and unusual gems, the shop is part jewelry store, part art gallery. It’s a great place to browse or buy a gift for yourself of that special someone.

2:30 PM: You see it’s getting late, and, oh my, the children will be home soon! And here you are with your hands full of giftees for yourself…they’ll be expecting something as well! Time to make a quick stop into Hopscotch Children’s Store! With toys, games, books and more, you’re sure to find something that will put a smile on their faces!

3:00 PM: On no, time to go…but before heading back to the car, why not grab a quick cuppa? Madcap Coffee’s got some of the best, in a number of sophisticated flavors. 

So, as you go home, you reflect on a fun day spent in Uptown. You may regret that you didn’t get a chance to see all that the area has to offer. After all, it’s impossible to squeeze all that excitement into just a few hours. But don’t worry…there’s always tomorrow so check out their website and plan your next outing! 

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