Cone Appétit. Ice Cream with a Cause.

Memories. We all have them. Some of us create photo albums or scrapbooks full of previous experiences that we want to hang onto. Then came along Tara VanWagoner. Tara creates craft ice cream flavors from previous memories and experiences. Tara grew up just outside of Grand Rapids in Belding, MI. Her love for ice cream started in the kitchen with […]

Russo’s International Market: Wine Frappe

Summer is meant for frozen spiked beverages, right? Ok – Summer does include other things but they are all much more enjoyable with a beverage of the alcohol variety. Sweeten up your summer by trying Russo’s International Market’s unique, thirst quenching, wine frappe recipes (Hint: Frappe means “slushie” in Italian). Even if you are not a wine drinker, you need […]

Russo’s International Market: Wine & Pairings, Part One

According to the Wine Institute, 913 million gallons of wine were consumed in the United States in 2015, or roughly 3 gallons of wine consumed by each U.S. adult. Long story short: That’s a lot of wine. Since we are drinking this much vino, we obviously need to have accompanying noshes. So, what are our choices? Local wine distributor, Russo’s International […]

Recap of Uncut, Student-Produced Documentary, “Rhythm & Race: A History of African American Music in Grand Rapids”

On Tuesday, February 28, West Michigan Center for Arts + Technology (WMCAT) premiered its uncut, student-produced documentary, “Rhythm and Race: A History of African American Music in Grand Rapids.” The first premiere of the documentary drew a packed-house at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts. Attendees of all ages and walks-of-life attended the premiere, many of which experienced the racial […]

Step aside, Beer City. There’s a new beverage taking over the 616.

Since the early 17th century gin has been a spirit staple. Originally derived as an herbal medicine made from juniper berries and vodka, gin has become one of the most popular spirits around the world. Because of its popularity, Gray Skies Distillery co-owners Brandon Voorhees and Steve Vander Pol knew that having a killer gin recipe was necessary for drawing […]