2018 Whitecaps Menu Delivers Foodie Fun to Fans

As the 2018 baseball season kicks off for the West Michigan Whitecaps, so does a new menu filled with plenty of must-try items. Every year fans select one winner from several foodie creations as their pick for the next season’s menu. This year, Mt. Wing-suvius claimed the top spot. This epic menu addition contains a mixture of mac and cheese, beer […]

Grand New: Georgina’s Fusion Cuisine

How fortunate are we to live in a city full of incredible restaurants? This week Georgina’s has officially joined the Grand Rapids family by opening their second location at 724 Wealthy Street. The original location in Traverse City, MI has been a long time favorite of many Michigan natives. Georgina’s cuisine is fusion food at it’s finest. A blend of Asian and Latin […]

Restaurant Spotlight: Ramona’s Table

When you think of hospitality, what comes to mind? Is it the warm greeting you receive when you enter a place of business? What about an inviting atmosphere? Possibly the generosity of the host providing a delicious meal?   Whatever your definition of hospitality may be, mine can simply be defined as what I feel at Ramona’s Table. Naming a […]

Created by kids; Gifted by you

As the holidays approach, so does holiday shopping and the pressure to give the perfect gift. Hint: It’s not fruitcake (it’s never fruitcake). How can you possibly top the nuts you gave last year? Trust us, you can. If you have kids or really creative nieces and nephews, put them to work creating products that will be perfect under the […]

Grand New: French Restaurant Hosts Soft-Opening Week

Photo via New Hotel Mertens website In our hectic daily lives, it is nice to escape to a world that is set in a time of old school elegance. That is what New Hotel Mertens is all about. The ground-floor of this historic hotel, located in downtown Grand Rapids at 35 Oaks St SE, serves as the location for Merten’s […]

Dinner in the Field Series

Have you ever picked up a magazine to see a stunning table set in the middle of a field? Have you ever thought to yourself, does this really happen? The answer is yes. Right here in West Michigan in fact. Green Wagon Farm in Ada, MI has been growing some of the most delicious vegetables since 2010. In 2015, they […]

The Søvengård, Putting Sustainability in The Mitten

What is unarguably one of the best restaurants to hit the Grand Rapids culinary scene, The Søvengård uses its sustainable philosophy and combines it with Midwest living to create a premier destination for any foodie. How to Hygge Tucked away in the basement of 443 Bridge Street, The Søvengård invites you to experience hygge (Hoo-ga). What is hygee you ask? […]

Fighting Cancer with Farm to Table

For the past few years, the American Cancer Society has teamed up with Lubbers Farm to bring an incredible farm to table experience to West Michigan. This year’s sponsors included Lubbers Farm, Mercy Health, Odd Side Ales, Visser Farms, The Cheese Lady, Fresh Thyme, Spartan Nash, Field and Fire, W.W. Greenhouses, Creswick Farms, Gigi & laClede, Potter Orchards, and Sobie […]

Day Trips: GR To Ludington

This post is sponsored by Greenridge Realty, West Michigan’s go-to organization for those looking to buy or sell. Have Real Estate questions? Contact Greenridge Realty.  Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE Grand Rapids but sometimes we all need a little change of scenery. This weekend we are heading up to Ludington and are giving you all the fun spots to stop along […]

GRNow Test Kitchen: Flank Steak Edition

Fourth of July has passed but summer time grilling has just begun and Schaendorf Cattle Company is producing high quality beef that’s perfect for this year’s cookout. Schaendorf Cattle Company is a family owned West Michigan Business with a focus on sustainable farming practices and an emphasis on animal welfare. We tried our hand at their delicious flank steak and […]