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Aleka C. Thrash

Style Influencer | Website: NaturallyACT

Natural Hair, Beauty, & Lifestyle


How/Why did you start blogging?

My natural hair journey began in 2004 when I started learning, researching, and trying products. In 2013 I started posting photos of my favorite hairstyles and sharing products that I liked or didn’t like to my personal Facebook page. My mentor Veverly Austin noticed that I was getting good feedback and suggested that I be more intentional and teach a class. I had shared with her that I wanted to share my journey via YouTube way back in 2008; however, I let fear keep me from going public. As any good mentor should do, she helped me map out a plan and allowed me to teach my first workshop on March 21, 2015 a her Confident Living seminar, that is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs to get unstuck and unlock their dreams. My workshop at Confident Living was so well received that I decided to launch my blog Naturally ACT, and started hosting Natural Hair workshops and events.


How do you set your blog apart from others?

Naturally ACT is all about shared experiences and has two focus: 1) Natural Hair including styling tips, tutorials, and product reviews. 2) Lifestyle including travel, book reviews, and living a overall healthy lifestyle. I am also big on collaboration. I love sharing photos everyday with people as I try new styles on my Facebook group Naturally ACT Community and soon will have a place on my blog.

What would you tell someone who is interested in starting their own blog?

Use your own voice don’t try to copy someone else, be confident in what you have to say. Get feedback; have someone you trust to read what you write before posting. Sometimes as content creators we become very passionate about a topic that we just can’t wait to share; however, it is good practice to have someone make sure what you are trying to convey is clear and concise.


What are you goals for 2017? (blogging and/or personal)

I have so many goals I want to accomplish in 2017. The top three goals are 1) Up my YouTube presence by posting two videos per month. 2) Launch my podcast 3) Take a trip to Cape Town, South Africa.

What is something your followers don’t know about you?

I am really passionate about being a supporting system in the foster and adoptive community. My mom was foster parent for more years then I can count. Even before she had my brother and I, she opened her home to children who needed love and a safe place to live. She continues to serve as a grandmother in foster and adoptive community. My mother is my inspiration, although I’m not ready to be a foster parent or adopt; I wanted to find an opportunity to support people like my mom: especially interracial foster and adoptive families. Naturally ACT allows me the opportunity to educate parents on how to care for their child’s hair and create a bonding experience. Some of my favorite childhood conversations with my mom happened while she was doing my hair. I just want to help create positive memories for others. I am able to do this in two ways: through one-on-one hair care sessions with families, and through my workshops that allow me to my share experience. I have partnered with some amazing hair companies that have provided gift bag items for families: MopTop, Natural Hair Care Products and Jessicurl, Curly Hair Products, which were some of the first to work with me.


Website References:

Aleka’s Website 
Blog: Naturally ACT
Mentor: Veverly Austin 
Confident Living 
Naturally ACT Natural Hair workshops 

Photography by Alfield Reeves Photography

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