Unique and Spooky Fall Events

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Be honest, you’re a little underwhelmed by traditional fall activities and you’re looking to “pumpkin” spice it up (see what we did there). From zombies to treetop terrors and musicals, we found unique and uniquely spooky events to fill your fall calendar. Check out the events below:

The Zombie Dash 5K // $45

Think you can outrun the walking dead? Lace up your sneakers and “run a 5K on post-apocalyptic streets and paths in downtown Grand Rapids, MI. Race against darkness. Dodge the zombies and keep your “flag football” life strips to avoid infection and stay alive (time bonus).” Via Zombie Dash

Pumpkin Carving Party (Grand Rapids) // FREE

A pumpkin rolled into a brewery…ok, we are no good at jokes but you’re sure to laugh while carving pumpkins at Knickerbocker (New Holland) on the patio. The brewery will supply the tools and pumpkins and you bring the creative carving ideas. This is a family-friendly event and don’t worry adults, there’s plenty of fall beer to indulge in.

Zombie Paintball // $20

Ever wanted to shoot zombies…with paintballs? Well, here’s your chance to light up the undead at Cannonsburg in Belmont, MI (right outside of GR). “Zombie Paintball is every Friday and Saturday night in October, starting at 6pm. Tickets are $20 (includes 100 paintballs) and can be purchased at the ticket office.” Via Cannonsburg

Zoo Goes Boo // $8 Admission

Trick-or-treating is already fun but what if you could be eating candy next to a red panda or monkey? All your dreams of Halloween and animals can come true at Zoo goes Boo over two weekends! Join John Ball zoo for “costumes, entertainment, cool decorations and games & fun! (oh, and did we mention the animals getting treats too?)” via John Ball Zoo

Terror at Treetop // $29*

“There is some unusual radioactive activity we are experiencing at Grand Rapids Treetop Adventure Park. The mutations we are seeing however only seem to come out at night. From 7-10pm, the mutants come out…. Don’t fret though! We have become experts at avoiding the mutations. Every Friday and Saturday night we will open our doors to the public to try their hand at this experience. Due to the mutation, the courses will be a glow as the cable lets off these bright lights enabling us to see as we trek through the forest.” via Grand Rapids Treetop Adventure Park * 20% off with costume

Greenridge “Trunk or Treat” // Free

Going door-to-door trick-or-treating is fun but have you ever tried “Trunk or Treat”? It’s all the fun of traditional trick-or-treating but instead of houses, trunks of cars will be decked out in spooky Halloween decor and candy. So, make sure to stop by Greenridge Realty Summit Office parking lot for a free, fun night of trunk-to-trunk trick-or-treating and don’t forget to wear a costume!

The Rocky Horror Show LIVE at The Fuse Box // $10 

If you love TRHS then this might be a tradition for you to watch this show but have you watched it LIVE? The Fuse box guarantees “this will be a gender-bending, no-budget-spending, possibly offending show” so you know it’s going to be a good time!  Via The Fuse Box

The Lord of the Gourd // Free

Watch pumpkin sculptor, The Lord of the Gourd, carve up fall squash at Robinette’s Apple Haus & Winery on Saturday, Oct 21st from 1-5pm. These pumpkin creations range from creepy and cute. After that, grab a donut, cider, and a hayride (for a charge).

Boos + Brews: Haunted Tour with Bar Stops // Coming Soon

Learn the chilling, haunted history of Grand Rapids while stopping at local bars and breweries. This GRNow tour is coming soon. Signup to be the first to receive alerts on purchasing tickets.  Must be 21+ and have a valid ID. Tour includes stops at bars and haunted locations. Each ticket will include your first beverage and the 2-3 hour tour.

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