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A Day in the Life @ The Morton

Being GRNow, you can assume we are pretty obsessed with all things Grand Rapids. One of our area bucket list items was living in the heart of GR, which made the move to The Morton a dream come true!

The history, access to public transportation (you all know how much we LOVE the DASH bus), shopping, theaters, and restaurants—on top of the energy being downtown brings—are quickly making us never want to leave!

Now that we’ve taken up residency at The Morton, we wanted to showcase a day in the life at this luxury apartment community in downtown Grand Rapids. Check out the video below and read more about what it’s like living at The Morton:

MORNING | Make that money, honey

Living on the corner of Monroe Center and Ionia, we are steps from several coffee shops. So snagging a great cup of joe and starting the work day is actually convenient and fun. We work from home, so a great spacious office space in our apartment is perfect for us at GRNow. The large windows make for the best Zoom lighting and the building is quiet enough that the most ADHD workers can focus (we know from experience). Bonus! The apartment was internet--ready, so our new home could go to office day one of moving in.

AFTERNOON | Late Lunch + Tidy Up

We have to give a shoutout to Soho Sushi where we stock up on spicy tuna to nosh on during lunchtime “at the office.”. The full size washer and dryer makes it easy to get those piles of clothes cleaned up quick in between hitting work goals and with all the storage, we can keep items out of sight and neatly tucked away for impromptu work meetings.

AFTER WORK | Workin’ on our fitness

Being winter for—what seems like eternity— it’s nice having a workout facility inside The Morton. It’s convenient enough for a quick run and spacious enough for a full-on circuit workout session. From the many cardio machines to weights and yoga mats, The Morton has everything needed to hit those fitness goals. Also, the fitness center is open 24/7 just in case we need a late night or early morning workout.

HAPPY HOUR | It’s island o’clock!

We can’t make it to the blue waters of a gorgeous island right now ( thanks COVID), but we can grab some wine and dine on our HUGE quartz island! This stove top makes us wish we could cook…maybe cooking classes are in our future--but for now, it’s a great centerpiece for a vino date with friends.

EVENING | Tasty treats from local eats

We cannot stress this enough …YOU CAN WALK TO RESTAURANTS—making carryout so easy! While on our walk, we like to pick up beverages from House of Wine (which is another Rockford Property Management property and a part of the Perks Program) and take in all the views of the city.


The Morton has a beautiful year-round patio complete with BBQ/picnic area, outdoor furniture, heaters, and bistro string lights to make you swoon. We are looking forward to eating al fresco on this spectacular outdoor space and partying it up once it’s safe to do so.


To be honest, we had no clue our apartment came with a TV … AND a nice one at that! It’s perfect to curl up on the couch, take in the sounds of the city, and smile about our fun little life downtown—in the center of it all.


Thanks for joining us for the day and we hope you’ll consider being our neighbor! Stay tuned for more insider videos about The Morton and make sure to follow them on Facebook.

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